Hit or Miss: A Survey of Olympic Fashion Statements and Trends

US swimmer Ryan Lochte flashing his $25,000 American Flag grill
(Photo: Martin Bureau/AFP/GettyImages)

The 2012 London Olympics are winding down and patriotic (and not-so-patriotic) fashion statements are all over the place, from flags on fingernails to tattoos of Olympic rings. Sure, the athleticism was fun to watch — we cheered on as Gabby Douglas won the gold and screamed in excitement when Usain Bolt cemented his place as the world’s fastest man — but we also took note of the various Olympic styles that emerged this summer. There was controversy (Ryan Lochte’s grill and Douglas’s hair), comedy (did you see the synchronized swimmers outfits?), and downright disgust (which we experienced each time we saw Russia’s medal stand uniforms). Here, we take a look at Olympic fashion trends, hits, and misses.

Click on the slide show to see the styles that emerged during the 2012 London Games. 

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