Banksy Wannabe Mr. Brainwash Unveils Massive Kate Moss Mural in London

Banksy Wannabe Mr. Brainwash Unveils Massive Kate Moss Mural in London
Mr. Brainwash's mural of Kate Moss

It’s been two years since the release of  “Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-right/" target="_blank">Exit Through the Gift Shop,” Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy’s documentary about the artist Mr. Brainwash’s quest to make a documentary about Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy. Since then, there have been theories and speculation over whether Mr. Brainwash is truly the quirky graffito Thierry Guetta, or a front for Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy and Shepard Fairey. But at this point, it’s pretty much been established that he is indeed the French fanboy.

Despite being widely ridiculed, Mr. Brainwash is still making art — with incomprehensible success. Last year, he Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-mr-brainwash-exit-through-the-gift-shop-advertisement-campaign-album">designed the cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers album “I’m With You.” He’s planning his first solo show in the U.K. for early August, at the Old Sorting Office in London. And now there’s a mural, near the spot where his upcoming show will be held, of the oft-painted supermodel Kate Moss.

British Vogue reported on the giant painting, which looks quite similar to the artwork Mr. Brainwash designed for Madonna’s 2009 album, “Celebration.” The article goes on to point out that, if the artwork were up for sale, it could be a big draw — buyers tend to go gaga for representations of Moss, including Marc Quinn’s gold sculpture that sold for more than half a million dollars, and the late Lucian Freud’s classic painting.

While he’s chosen a worthy subject to depict on the wall, Guetta will have to do better if he’s going to upstage his mentor and hometown favorite, Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy.

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