"Veep" Creator's "The Thick of It" Finally Comes to the U.S., In All of Its Uncensored Glory

"Veep" Creator's "The Thick of It" Finally Comes to the U.S., In All of Its Uncensored Glory
The cast of "The Thick of It": James Smith as Glenn Cullen, Joanna Scanlan as Terri Coverley, Rebecca Front as Nicola Murray, Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker, and Chris Addison as Ollie Reeder.
(Courtesy BBC)

Hulu and BBC Worldwide Americas (how’s that for a cumbersome name?) will team up to produce a fourth season of Armando Ianucci’s beloved-by-those-who’ve-actually-seen-it British comedy “The Thick of It.” The “Veep” creator’s series -- which has been airing in the U.K. since 2005, though a new episode hasn’t been produced since 2009 -- takes a hysterically profane look at inner workings of the modern British political machine. The new episodes will appear on the website this fall, available to stream the same day they air in the U.K., and will run on BBC America early next year.

In addition to helping fund the fourth season of the show, Hulu will start streaming the previous three season, plus specials, starting on July 29th. (Sadly, psuedo spin-off movie “In the Loop” doesn’t appear to be part of the agreement.) Possibly the most exciting thing about this is that episodes will reportedly be available uncensored, which anyone who has ever seen an Iannucci project knows is pretty crucial. (If you don’t at least smile at the phrase “Come the fuck in and fuck the fuck off,” then this might not be the show for you.) Episodes of “The Thick of It” have aired on BBC America before, but never in their full, unedited glory. To see what we mean, just watch a video of actor Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker do what he does best: Say “fuck.”

Watch the video below: