One-Line Reviews: Our Staff's Pithy Takes on Andre Saraiva, RISD Grads, and Other Summer Shows

Installation view of "B-Out" at Andrew Edlin Gallery
(Photo © Ben Sutton)

Each week, our intrepid ARTINFO staff sets out around Chelsea — in one case venturing all the way to the Lower East Side — tasked with reviewing what they found there in a single (sometimes run-on) sentence. Here is what we came up with this week (to see our "One-Line Reviews" in illustrated slide show format, click here):

* “B-Out,” curated by Scott Hug, at Andrew Edlin, 134 Tenth Avenue, July 5-August 18

With over 150 works by more than 100 artists hung salon-style, this may be the biggest group show of the summer season, and accordingly only the most extreme pieces stand out, whether it's the biggest (like Maya Hayuk's colorful mural and Yeni Mao's ceiling-hung flotilla of toy boats), the smallest (like Nickolaus Typaldos's pair of spray-painted jewelry ads), or the most explicit (possibly Lee Lozano's circa 1962 "cocks! cunts! tits! balls!"). Benjamin Sutton

* Simryn Gill, “My Own Private Angkor,” at Tracy Williams, 521 West 23rd Street, June 27-August 10

What I like about Singapore-born artist Simryn Gill's dreamy black-and-white photo series, which catalogues the looted and overgrown interiors of an abandoned Malaysian housing development, is how it is at once a pokerfaced, Bernd & Hilla Becher-esque medidation on the geometry of the built environment and a sort of romantic emblem of our decaying post-bubble moment.  Ben Davis

RISD MFA Painting Show, at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, 532 West 25th Street, Jule 11-July 26

This intimate if fairly inchoate showcase of RISD soon-to-be graduates is worth seeing for those looking for new names to watch, with highlights being the goofy, textured, faux-naif trompe l’oeil of Hillary Doyle and Art Pena's elegant deconstructions of the painting’s physical structure, for which he fills the negative space behind the canvas with plaster or lets bare stretcher bars stand as sculptural forms on their own. — Kyle Chayka

* André Saraiva, “Andrépolis,” at The Hole, 312 Bowery, June 7-August 10

Pulsing with a hazy pink hue and droning club music, graffiti artist Saraiva's completely immersive cityscape feels a bit like the magical diorama bordello from “Beetlejuice” — one part '60s go-go scene, one part carnival freak show, and all round-the-clock pre-fab art party. — Alanna Martinez

* "Watch Your Step," curated by Stephanie Roach, at FLAG Art Foundation, 545 West 25th Street, June 7-August 24

From Félix González-Torres's pile of Baci chocolate kisses to Tara Donovan's undulating wall of plastic drinking straws to Lynda Benglis's sculptural blob reminiscent of an oversize melted popsicle, this confectionery exhibition of floor-bound works reminds us that art, like summer, is an easy thing to miss if you are looking too far ahead. — Julia Halperin