The Amazing Mural by UK Street Artist "Hush" Being Auctioned for Charity by Australian Startup artFido

The Amazing Mural by UK Street Artist "Hush" Being Auctioned for Charity by Australian Startup artFido
Hush Russian Babushka doll Acrylic, spray paint, screen inks and screen print on MDF board removed from gallery wall 240cm x 120cm x 1.2cm
(Courtesy artFido and Metro Gallery)

Australian online art sales startup artFido has gone from strength to strength since launching in May with reports of significant sales between Australia and New Zealand as well as further afield.  In only their third week of operation, an independent artist from Melbourne sold an abstract canvas for $15,000 using artFido.

In recognition of the success of the site he founded and the support he has received from the Australian art scene, the founder of artFido, Melbourne based entrepreneur Juan Garcia, has launched a number of charity auctions with some amazing works of art up for grabs.

According to Garcia, “we are currently auctioning an artwork by underground UK street artist Hush to raise money for a wonderful organization called Challenge, which supports kids with cancer. The artwork itself is a spectacular mural painting of a Russian babushka doll that Hush painted on the wall of Metro Gallery as part of his recent sold-out exhibition entitled Hush – Sirens”.

Hush had originally planned to paint over the babushka doll mural upon the conclusion of the exhibition at Metro Gallery but seeing an opportunity to save the artwork and raise money for a great cause, Garcia approached Hush and Metro Gallery about the possibility of auctioning the babushka doll off to raise money for kids cancer charity Challenge.  Both Hush and Metro jumped at the opportunity.

The mural is approximately three times larger than the Hush paintings that sold for $15,000 during the exhibition at Metro, but as all the proceeds will be going to charity, the sky’s the limit. You can see this auction which ends on the 22nd of July here

Garcia and artFido also received contributions to their Challenge charity auction from Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Mossenson Galleries, and Lookart Consulting. These items can be viewed through the following links:

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