Fans Defend Kate Upton Against Totally Ridiculous Claims That She’s “Fat”

Fans Defend Kate Upton Against Totally Ridiculous Claims That She’s “Fat”
Kate Upton
(Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/GettyImages)

Kate Upton, perhaps America’s model of the moment, surely inspires many turns of phrase. Or perhaps she renders her fans speechless. But most people who have eyeballs would refrain from attaching the following descriptors to the GQ cover girl and star of many a viral video: “a squishy brick,” “vulgar,” “fat.”

Yet Skinny Gossip — a blog that claims to oppose anorexia but is certainly a fan of cheap link bait — has called Upton these very things. In a post titled “Kate Upton is Well-Marbled,” the site begins by presenting the model as evidence that humans are 80 percent genetically identical to cows and ends with dismissing the notion that she would ever be a real fashion model. There is plenty to counter that last point, not that we really have to work to convince you otherwise.

Amy Odell, the editor of BuzzFeed Shift, has a single-syllable response that is more coherent than anything in the original post: “Huh?”

She goes on to defend Upton wholly and unapologetically.

“I don’t think I’m alone among straight women, who I suspect are also Upton fans because she doesn’t look like she spends all her time juice-fasting, working out, and popping metabolism-enhancing supplements,” Odell writes. “And yet, she’s been embraced by the fashion industry.”

Fashionista notes that this argument has always taken place, and that it will continue, but begs us all to stop the cycle of needless fat-shaming.

“So now can we all just shut up about this and stop watching these ladies’ bodies as if it were a sport?” Hayley Phelan writes.

This conversation isn’t positive when it’s directed at any model, but we’re just perplexed as to how it centered on Upton. We’re hoping she really does cover the first issue of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book – there’s no doubt that Upton will look stunning enough there to silence the haters.