10 Extreme Feats of LEGO Art, From Epic Biblical Dioramas to a Mind-Bending M.C. Escher Homage

Daniel Shiu and Andrew Lipson's recreation of M.C. Escher's "Relativity"
(Courtesy the Artists)

Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa is home to plenty of wildlife, but the garden’s new occupants might confuse those creatures already living there. "Master LEGO artist" — that's an official title bestowed by the Danish toy company itself, in case your wondering — Sean Kenney recently drew headlines by creating 14 exquisite LEGO sculptures of animals for the park, ranging in size from six inches to an amazing eight feet long, representing everything from butterflies and flowers to a full human figure. There’s a bison made from 45,153 LEGO bricks, a 16,383-brick bumblebee, and a life-size fox 17,547 blocks in size.

Kenney manages to render convincingly rounded forms out of the geometric bricks — but that’s just the beginning of what LEGOs can do. ARTINFO has collected 10 of the most interesting works of LEGO art, including an entire retelling of the Bible in little plastic figures, a guerrilla crew of LEGO architects who heal holes in city walls, and a series of obscure mathematical forms built from bricks. (For the sake of keeping this a fun summer feature, we should mention that we have decided to leave out Polish artist Zbigniew Libera's "LEGO Concentration Camp." Just FYI.)

Click on the slide show for our selection of extreme LEGO art.