The 25 Wackiest Art-Themed GIFs, From a Dancing Van Gogh to Dali's Marching Elephant

The 25 Wackiest Art-Themed GIFs, From a Dancing Van Gogh to Dali's Marching Elephant

Last week marked the 25-year anniversary of the Graphics Interchange Format, better known to Web surfers as the GIF. The quick-burst animation file format, usually composed of just a few frames, was created by programmer Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987, and has since become and inescapable part of vernacular Internet culture.

Though plenty of serious artists engage with GIFs (pronounced “jiffs,” according to Wilhite) as a creative format, including online innovators like Ryder Ripps, Nicolas Sassoon, and Jeremiah JohnsonARTINFO has chosen a different route to honor this art form's anniveresary. Here, we collect 25 of the wackiest art-themed GIFs to ever cross your browser, including everything from a cavorting Van Gogh in bed and Mondrian-themed Pong, to Banksy-14779">Banksy’s stencilled cops making out and Ai Weiwei getting wild in his studio.

Scroll down for our round-up of the 25 best art-historical GIFs:

1. Dancing Van Gogh



2. Stereoscopic Starry Night


3. Rotating Mona Lisa


4. Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s Cinemagraphs


5. Duchamp / Nauman Fountain Mash-Up


6. Marina Abramovic Deals With It


7. Pong-Themed Mondrian, or Pong-drian


8. Spinning Hirst Butterflies


9. Salvador Dali: The “Artist is Present 


10. Trippy Guernica


11. Picasso Paints


12. Salvador Dali’s Surreal Elephant Walk


13. Magritte's Paratroopers


14. Matisse Drawing Comes Alive


15. Banksy-14779">Banksy’s Cops Make Out


16. Thomas Kinkade’s Burbling Brook


17. Hennessy Youngman Speaks Out


18. Andy Warhol’s GIF-pire


19. Andy Warhol on TV


20. Ai Weiwei Goes Crazy


21. Ai Weiwei’s Studio Gets Naked


22. Diane Arbus’s Sword Swallower


23. Cyprien Gaillard’s Beer Pyramid Gets Consumed


24. Creepy Bill Viola


25. Blingee Sol LeWitt