Heat vs. Thunder: NBA Finals Spur Post-Game Fashion Showdowns

Clockwise from top left: Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant
(Clockwise from top left: three images, Getty Images; two images, Tumblr; Getty Images)

The NBA Finals are in full swing, and on the basketball court, the Miami Heat leads the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-1. Should the Heat win game 5 tonight in Miami, the team will take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy — but that’s not the only battle taking place between the two teams.

A select group of players have turned the post-game press conferences into another competition of sorts — the game of NBA fashion. The tables serve as runways from which clothes are presented, and the players act as models who wear everything from fluorescent-hued geometric patterns on their shirts to funky eyeglass frames (without lenses).

The sartorial choices of the players have become the subject of as much media fodder as the actual game itself, and snarky comments abound. Even the players are firing at each other.

“I’ve been wearing glasses since I’ve been in the league,” Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook said at a press conference last week. “I think everybody else just started wearing them now.”

Miami Heat forward LeBron James disagreed.

“It’s a look, it’s a fashion thing,” he said when he heard about Westbrook's comment on June 13. “But he absolutely didn’t start it.”

ARTINFO pits the Oklahoma City Thunder’s three most fashionable players — Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and James Harden, who take a younger hipster approach — against the Miami Heat’s Big 3 — James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, who lean in a more GQ-esque direction. We take a look at the brands they favor, their appearances in the fashion world, and their overall sense of style. Who will score the most points and win the title of the most fashionable team of the NBA Finals? Click on the slide show to find out.