Power Suits, Shoulder Pads, Sequined Gowns: A Look Back at the Late Nolan Miller's Costumes for "Dynasty"

A still of John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Pamela Sue Martin in "Dynasty"
(Courtesy IMDb)

Nolan Miller, the costume designer who created the looks that signified the power and wealth on the steamy ’80s evening soap opera “Dynasty,” died on June 6 at age 79.

The luxurious fur coats, bold shoulders pads, and flashy ruffles Miller designed with a weekly budget of $35,000 defined the television show as much as the dramatic clashes between Alexis (Joan Collins), Krystle (Linda Evans), and Blake (John Forsythe). Miller’s aesthetic also captured the extreme excess of the decade.

“I never want to see them wearing the same outfit twice,” Miller once said, according to the New York Times.

Although Miller’s work on “Dynasty” — which earned him a 1984 Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design for a Series and inspired a clothing line based on the show’s garments — was perhaps his most well-known, he also created the wardrobe for other series like “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Love Boat,” and “Vega$.” Miller was more than just a costume designer – he also had a collection of suits licensed by Leslie Fay and a costume jewelry line for QVC.

Here we take a look back at a few of the 3,000 ensembles Miller created for “Dynasty.

Click on the slide show to see Nolan Miller’s work on “Dynasty.

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