Richard Phillips Takes Lindsay Lohan Surfing, Grayson Perry Turns Reality TV Host, and More Must-Read Art News

Richard Phillips Takes Lindsay Lohan Surfing, Grayson Perry Turns Reality TV Host, and More Must-Read Art News
Richard Phillips and Lindsay Lohan on the set of “First Point”
(Courtesy the Artist)

– Richard Phillips Surfs With Lindsay Lohan: The celeb-obsessed artist — normally known for slick, huge paintings — has collaborated for a second time with troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan on a video, and the resulting opus, known as "First Point," will premiere in the Art Unlimited section of Art Basel next week (or you can see a clip of it embedded, below). The piece, which Phillips says is "neither film nor really video art," depicts Lohan lolling about on the beach pouting and surfing. "I almost call it, like, a day noir," says the artist. (Incidentally, like Phillips's previous Lohan clip, "First Point" involves filmmaker Taylor Steele, known for the surfing films "Castles in the Sky" and "Sipping Jetstreams: An Adventure in Life.") [SpotlightNYM]

– While You Were Busy Watching the Diamond Jubilee...: Artist Grayson Perry launched his own reality show. Traveling around England to report on how different sections of society live and style themselves, "Perry unearthed a baseball-capped tattooee who discussed the iconography of his arm decorations in terms that might have won him a place at the Courtauld Institute," according to one reviewer. Oh, and then he made a series of tapestries about the experience. [Telegraph

– Is the Saudi Royal Family a Deadbeat Buyer?: An appeals court yesterday revived Brooklyn artist Elli Bern Angellino's case against 16 members of Saudi royal family, who Angellino says neglected to pay him for 29 sculptures he sold them in 2007. The artist claims he is owed almost $12.6 million. [Bloomberg]

– Daniel Buren Blasts Tate's Turbine Hall: The French artist's installation in Paris's Grand Palais suggests a certain aptitude for making art for giant spaces, but he says he'd never attempt to fill the London equivalent. "In my opinion, the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern is unusable," he said. "There has only been one intelligent intervention there: Bruce Nauman's piece. This is also because it's a terrible venue." [TAN]

– Street Artist Pranks MoMA and Met: Borrowing a page from Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy, the Brooklyn-based street artist Lambros clandestinely placed his works on the walls of MoMA and the Met last weekend, and even planted legit-looking postcards in the museums' gift shops. Security staff quickly caught on and the works were de-installed, though they likely weren't delivered to the intended recipients, whose names were scrawled on their backs: Glenn LowryLarry Gagosian, and Jay-Z. [PR Newswire]

– New Group May Decide Fate of Southwest Museum: The Los Angeles City Council has created a new "working group" aimed at ending one of the city's longest-running and most adversarial cultural disputes, over the future of the Southwest Museum. The panel hopes to ease the tension between the Southwest and the Autry Museum in Griffith Park, which have long fought over the former's prized collection of Native American artifacts. [LAT

– Mali's Cultural Heritage Threatened by Extremists: Following Islamic fundamentalists' desecration of a Muslim saint's 15th-century tomb in Timbuktu last month, there is growing concern for the safe-keeping of the city's artifacts, museums, tombs, and manuscripts, which have been threatened since a military coup in March. [TAN]

– What to Expect From France's Fresh-Faced Minister of Culture: If France's artists and cultural institutions are optimistic following the election of socialist candidate François Hollande, they are now sizing up Aurélie Filippetti, his appointment for Minister of Culture and Communication. "[Her predecessor] Frédéric Mitterrand was a rather good minister but did not have much room for manoeuvre," said Galerie Lelong director François Dournes. "Filippetti will surely be better listened to in this government." [TAN]

– Embattled South African Gallery Owner Speaks Out: In a long, gripping interview under the watch of her recently-hired bodyguard, Liza Essers of Goodman Gallery discussed the broiling controversy surrounding her gallery's display of "The Spear," a portrait of South Africa's president with his genitals exposed. "We've had numerous threats," she said. "One of the black staff had the word 'traitor' put all over her car." [AiA

– Australian Art Market Goes International: Though it has long been devoted to domestic artists, Australia's collector base is increasingly looking overseas for new acquisitions, while local gallerists are beginning to represent more and more international artists and foreign galleries look to find a foothold in Sydney. Most recently, German dealer Matthias Arndt created a pop-up gallery in the city to present a show of works by international art stars like Sophie Calle. [Sydney Morning Herald]


A clip of Richard Phillips's "First Point," starring Lindsay Lohan:


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