Preview the Austere Highlights of This Week's MadridFOTO

Javier Bejarano's "Crossing the World," 2006
(Courtesy the Artist and Espacio Foto, Madrid)

“When we started MadridFOTO,” says Giulietta Speranza, artistic director of its fourth edition, “80 percent of the galleries showing were from Spain. Now around 50 percent are from abroad.” For this outing, running from June 7 through 10 at Feria de Madrid, Speranza expects about 40 exhibitors, including such international visitors as Carlos Carvalho, of Lisbon; Young Gallery, of Brussels; Duncan Miller, of Los Angeles; and Photographer.RU, of Moscow. Boosting the still-evolving fair’s profile and attendance is the PhotoEspaña festival, now in its 15th edition, in multiple venues in Madrid and Lisbon from May 30 through the third weekend in July. Focused this year on the theme of contextual meaning in the increasing global circulation of artistic ideas, the festival exhibitions provide context for the fair. As Speranza says, “A wealth of photography-related events only makes this a more interesting prospect for collectors coming to Madrid.”

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