Designers of New York: The MoMA Design Store Wants You

Designers of New York: The MoMA Design Store Wants You
MoMA Design Store, NYC
(Courtesy asmythie via Flickr)

NEW YORK — The MoMA Design Store is one of the rare retailers to give a Warhol print, a Castiglioni lamp, and a squirrel-shaped plush pillow equal shelf space. And it wants you for its next display: The MoMA Design Store open call is well underway. In the spirit of national pastime "American Idol," the store launched an initiative in May to increase the visibility of New York-based designers (as if every major designer didn’t already live here anyway). There's no J. Lo involved, but the gift-shop-on-steroids is reaching out to all five boroughs for 75 lucky artisans to launch an exclusive product in their stores in 2013.

What is the Design Store looking for? Like any good luminary, the ideal candidate has something new to offer: an innovation in production methods, material use, and, for bonus points, an inherent New Yorkness that speaks a language unique to the Big Apple. Like the term "design" itself, the call is open to myriad forms: paper, homewares, toys, fashion accessories, furniture, kitchen tools, etc. The only catch is that the production costs are on you: objects need to either already be in or near production, and ready for delivery to MoMA stores. Various other restrictions apply, which you can study on the store’s Facebook page. After a careful reading, you could someday be the design world's next Kelly Clarkson.

The MoMA Design Store open call is accepting submissions through June 30.