VIDEO Exclusive: ARTINFO's Interview With Helmut Lang About His First-Ever Sculpture Exhibition in New York

Helmut Lang
(Photo © Tom Chen)

In 2005, the renowned luxury designer Helmut Lang left the fashion world to fully dedicate himself to creating visual art. Since then his provocative sculptures ­– often made from repurposed and found materials like rubber, tar, plastic, and foam – have been shown in such venues as Kestnergesellschaft, in Hanover, Germany; MUAR National Museum of Architecture in Moscow; and the Fireplace Project in East Hampton, N.Y. His current exhibition, on view in a town house at 24 Washington Square North, marks his first art showing in New York City. Curated by Mark Fletcher and Neville Wakefield, the display is open to the public Tuesday through Friday, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. On the occasion of the exhibit, Lang spoke with ARTINFO about his transition from fashion to art and his recent work.