Tent Style: Sartorial Standouts From Frieze New York

Simon Scheuer and Barbara de Palmenaer at Frieze New York
(Photo © Ann Binlot)

The arduous hike to Randall’s Island by ferry, bus, or subway wasn’t exactly accommodating for those concerned with style, but the atmosphere in the tent that holds Frieze New York’s inaugural edition was decidedly high class. We wandered around the vernissage to find Frieze’s most stylish visitors. While the majority of the fairgoers opted for conservative suits or prim skirts and tops on Thursday afternoon, we came across a few standouts. Jil Sander popped up a few times, as did H&M’s minimalist, higher-end and only-available-in-Europe counterpart, Cos. The fair’s European roots certainly seemed to play a part in its fashions, but we have a feeling things will get more edgy as the days progress.

Click on the slide show to see the sartorial highlights of Frieze New York.