No Girls Allowed! Actor Dudes Help Dior Homme Open a Pop-Up "Boys Club" in SoHo

Anton Yelchin, Kris Van Assche and Kevin Jonas
(Billy Farrell Agency/

The Dior Homme pop-up store opened on Greene Street in SoHo yesterday, and in order for the nattily dressed partygoers to get to the trays of champagne, they had to walk by a text-based sculpture by Robert Montgomery. “Whenever you see the sun reflected in the window of a building,” the sculpture read, “it is an angel.”

Unfortunately, it was gray and rainy last night. But if the sun had summoned any angels clad in white downtown for some canapés and conversation, they would have been mightily out of place. Dior Homme doesn’t do white, it does all black everything, and it doesn’t do angelic much, either.

It also doesn’t do girls. The theme of the store’s debut party was “Dior Homme Boys Club,” and the makeup of the crowd certainly stuck to the rules. Not only was the boy-to-girl ratio disproportionate even for a menswear boutique, the guests of honor all gave off a heady aura of refined testosterone.

“I saw them putting together the list,” said an employee at Interview, which helped put on the party. “They were just, like. ‘We need bros.’”

Let’s take a look at who gained admission to this dude-themed club. Of course Kris Van Assche, the Dior Homme creative director, was on hand to make sure none of the actors he dressed wore anything light in hue. There was Kevin Jonas (The Married Jonas Brother), his wife sticking close by lest she get sucked into the vortex of skinny black ties that surrounded her. Actors Sebastian Stan and Logan Marshall-Green, who have played tough guys on “Gossip Girl” and “The O.C.,” respectively, circled the crowd, too. James Van Der Beek, forever Dawson Leery on “Dawson’s Creek,” made an appearance, too.

The only male actor who seemed left out of the fraternity was Anton Yelchin, who played the heartsick lead in last year’s indie hit “Like Crazy.” He circled the room alone for most of the evening, checking out the tuxedos and snacking on tuna tartar. There was nothing to do but start a conversation, at least out of courtesy.

“I’m not really sure what I’m wearing,” he said, looking down at his black-on-black outfit. “But it’s pretty cool!”

Then he went off again into the crowd of people, who were grabbing one last drink. But before closing time, Yelchin ended up making at least one friend. As we were walking out, Sebastian Stan, who’s known to party every once in a while, ensnared the young guy in an arm-over-shoulder bro-hug.

“You coming out with us, dude?” Stan asked Yelchin as they stood on the cobblestones of Greene Street.

“Um, sure,” he said.

Stan put a cigarette in his mouth and walked up to the guys in his entourage, which was rolling six deep.

“Then let’s hit it.”

Click on the slide show to see images from the Dior Homme pop-up store opening party.