Zaha Hadid's "Liquid Glacial": The Ice Table Cometh

Zaha Hadid's "Liquid Glacial" table
(Courtesy David Gill)

Architect Zaha Hadid, the mastermind behind the surreal Guangzhou Opera House and troubled MAXXI Museum, has made it her practice's signature to create curvilinear forms frozen in motion, as if they had been thrown at a very high speed and suspended midair. Her latest venture into frozen industrial design, Liquid Glacial, possesses a much more subtle, zen-like M.O. The clear acrylic table is a mercurial piece that appears to be transitioning between states of matter, seemingly from ice to water. Like the surface of a frozen lake, the glassy tabletop is still, while the quiet rippling pattern flows into the legs below.  

The table made its debut at the opening of the new David Gill showroom London's Mayfair neighborhood, where Hadid's fluid Dune collection will also be on view.