David Hasselhoff Turns Artist for Celebrity Apprentice Challenge

David Hasselhoff Turns Artist for Celebrity Apprentice Challenge
David Hasselhoff with his feature artwork
(Courtesy FremantleMedia Australia)

David Hasselhoff is the undoubted star of the current series of Celebrity Apprentice Australia which airs in Australia on Channel Nine.  The most recent challenge titled Pop-Up Shop required each of the celebrities to create their own works of art and sell them in rival Pop-Up Shops for charity.

The art had to represent a defining moment that changed the life – for better or worse – of the celebrity who created it. It was not enough to just create the art; the celebrities also had to attract people in-store to buy it. The team with the most profit won the challenge. 

Save the Children received funds raised from the sale which featured works of art ranging from smaller pieces of Hoff's smashed-up Berlin Wall to a vanity mirror and an artwork Team Fortune collectively created alongside The Hoff.

The Hoff drew upon his musical success, the Berlin wall and Knight Rider as sources of inspiration for his work of art.  He chose to reference his historic Freedom Tour musical performance on the Berlin Wall in 1989 with an artwork consisting of a yellow, red and black Berlin wall which was sold piece by piece to success bidders.  Hasselhoff performed his hit song Looking for Freedom, which was very popular in Germany at that time, while standing on the Berlin wall.

To promote the auction, Hasselhoff turned himself into a human billboard complete with a t-shirt that read “Hassel Me for Charity” and a small billboard featuring a picture of himself as his Baywatch alter ego Mitch Buchannon.

The lure of the Hoff - who was part of Team Fortune - was not enough to secure a win for his team.  Team Fortune only managed to raise $70,120 against the $134,253 raised by their rivals Team Platinum.

Celebrity chef Marion Grasby, the team’s manager, was fired for losing the challenge and failing to rein-in the one man band that is David Hasselhoff.

To see Hasselhoff explain his work see video below: