Rising Stars: 10 Emerging Indian and Pakistani Artists

Sana Arjuman, "Massive Human Search-1," 2010 (detail)
(Courtesy Aicon Gallery )

India and Pakistan continue to produce artists who have absorbed their artistic heritage and developed it into original conflicts and unique techniques. A number of these artists are emerging from their regional confines and stepping onto the international stage. The world is familiar with names like Rashid Rana and Anish Kapoor, but who are the new faces of South Asian art?    

Aicon Gallery associate director Harry Hutchison, who has worked extensively with Indian and Pakistani artists, sheds some light on these new players by selecting 10 Indian and Pakistani artists to watch out for. “These artists that are coming out of the woodwork today are amongst the best I have seen,” he said in an email to ARTINFO India. “They have so much to say, it’s when you have nothing to say that art is weak. They are a small group of creative geniuses.”

Click on the slide show to see images of work by emerging Indian and Pakistani artists.