For Earth Day, 10 State-of-the-Art Eco-Inventions From Phaidon's Design Tome "Vitamin Green"

Horizontal Skyscraper Vanke Centre, Steven Holl Architects, Shenzen, China, 2009

Green design has never been more in vogue, now that LEED certification is a badge to wear with pride, along with the amount of recycled materials a designer can incorporate (see the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus or the Whitney's shipping container studio). Phaidon's new tome "Vitamin Green" offers 350 pages devoted to groundbreaking sustainable design from around the world, from horizontal skyscrapers outfitted with green roofs to solar-powered handbags — and the cover is made from recycled egg cartons to boot. While it won't be available in time for Earth Day this weekend, ARTINFO has picked out some highlights from the tome's futuristic, eco-friendly inventions, including models of energy and material efficiency by the likes of Steven Holl, Coca-Cola, Puma, and Yves Béhar.

Vitamin Green will be available in May. 

To see a selection of the most cutting-edge projects from Phaidon's "Vitamin Green," click on the slide show.