My Other Car is a Chaise Longue: Mercedes-Benz Unveils Line of Luxury Furniture at Milan

The Mercedes-Benz Style chaise lounge
(Courtesy Mercedes-Benz Style)

Mercedes-Benz cars are coveted for two reasons: the luxury of their materials and craftsmanship, and the brand's uncanny ability to infuse an inanimate object with so much sex appeal. And, as it turns out, Mercedes-Benz sofas are no different. Together with Italian furniture manufacturer Formitalia Luxury Group, the German automaker unveiled a complete collection of home goods at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, comprising a sofa, chaise longue, dining room table with chairs, shelf unit, bed, and chest of drawers. It's more than enough to furnish an entire room, and it doesn't have to stay in the garage. 

The pieces in the collection feature subtle hints that they were crafted by a car manufacturer. Leather and aluminum abound. The rolling lines and accent stitching lend the black leather sofa an uncanny resemblance to a car's backseat, while the smooth streamline of the chaise longue has an aerodynamic quality to it. Then there's futuristic, finely-tuned aluminum sideboard's glass panel, not unlike a car door, and the legs of the glass table, designed in the same vein as sculpted spokes. The Mercedes-Benz furniture collection will be on view at the Daimler Milan showroom through April 22. They'll be available worldwide starting October 2012.

To see images of more Mercedes-Benz furniture, click the slide show.