Sale of the Week, April 15-21: The "Perfect Diamond" and Other Gems From the Spring Jewelry Auctions

A colored diamond and diamond necklace by Graff will be auctioned at Christie's in their April sale.
(Courtesy Chrstie's)

SALE: Magnificent Jewels

LOCATION: Christie's and Sotheby's New York

DATE: April 17-18

ABOUT: The most exciting New York jewelry auctions of the spring — on the heels of the enormously successful Elizabeth Taylor sale last December — are next week. Both Christie's and Sotheby's will be trotting out their most coveted jewels, many worth more than a million dollars. The Christie's sale is set to dazzle with a variety of jewels from the estate of heiress Hugette M. Clark, who died in New York City last year at the age of 104. Christie's is offering the so-called "Perfect Diamond," a 44.09-carat D-color, emerald cut diamond (estimate on request). There is also a nine-carat belle-époque pink diamond ring, circa 1910, that could bring $6-8 million. It's held by single-cut diamond prongs in a ring designed by Dreicer & Co.

The top end of the Sotheby's sale is not likely to bring as much, though there are still some top-quality jewels on offer. A 23.02-carat vivid yellow ring flanked by two modified half-moon shaped diamonds may bring $1.5-2 million. The size 6 ¼ ring is mounted in platinum and 18 karat gold. If you miss the high bid on the belle-époque pink diamond at Christie's, Sotheby's is also offering a smaller 6.03-carat pink diamond that will be a little less weighty on the pocketbook (est. $900,000-1.1 million). The stone is framed by tiny round colorless diamonds and is currently mounted as a ring, size 6 ½.

For the more frugal jewelry afficianado, there are several pieces at either auction estimated below $5,000, some as low as $2,000.


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