See Larry Poons's Newest Melodic Abstract Paintings at Mark Borghi's Palm Beach Gallery

Larry Poons's "Untitled," 1992, monotype on paper
(Courtesy Mark Borghi Fine Art)

WHAT: Larry Poons’s “Recent Works”

WHEN: March 24-April 27, Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

WHERE: Mark Borghi Fine Art, 255 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida

WHY THIS SHOW MATTERS: After receiving notoriety early in his career, Larry Poons has had nothing but time to perfect, and consistently evolve, his practice. The Tokyo-born American artist, who took a right turn into an art career after receiving formal music training, will be showing his most recent work at Mark Borghi Fine Art’s Palm Beach location. There couldn’t be a more fitting venue to showcase the artist’s wild, uninhibited, and musically inclined paintings.

Though his work has been categorized as hard-edged, op art, and abstract expressionist (among other things), Poons marches to the beat of his own drum. Each of his new paintings may contain several hundred colors of paint, but the individual brush strokes contrast and pop, and are organized in combinations and repetitions similar to the way a composer writes music. His new paintings are methodically mathematical while casually giving off an air of spontaneity.

Click on the slide show to see paintings from the exhibition.