The Low Line, Illuminated: LES Gallery to Showcase the Technology Behind New York's Future Underground Park

A rendering of the Low Line from the exhibition “Let There Be Light” at Mark Miller Gallery
(Courtesy RAAD)

Now that you’ve read about the Low Line, the Lower East Side’s underground foil to Chelsea's High Line, Mark Miller Gallery is devoting an exhibition to it. “Let There Be Light” gives eager park-goers a opportunity to actually see the thing.

The month-long exhibition starts on April 1 with an open house hosted by Dan Barasch and John Ramsey, the masterminds behind the concept. The Lower East Side gallery, just steps from the Low Line’s proposed underground site, will feature a 3-D model of the subterranean space that may better explain the fiber-optic solar technology that will make underground sunlight possible. There will also be a life-sized rendering erected onto a wall, with previews of the initial designs. Barasch and Ramsey will be there opening day to gather feedback from the community, so come equipped with comments and suggestions.

“Let There Be Light: A Preview of the ‘Low Line’ Park” is on view from April 1st through the 29th.