Rap Right Now: Action Bronson, Chief Keef, and More Hip Hop Downloads and News

Rap Right Now: Action Bronson, Chief Keef, and More Hip Hop Downloads and News
Action Bronson just "dropped" a new mixtape.
(Courtesy TheComeUpShow via Flickr)

Most labels release albums on Tuesdays, and while this seems to support that day’s banality relative to the rest of the week (albums are for old people!), it provides a nice excuse to round up new music. We took that exact opportunity just last week. But today, looking over the fairly dismal assortment of official new discs — and watching the excellent new video for Danny Brown’s attack on the industry, “Radio Song,” which you can watch below — we thought we’d leave the rundown of boring new rock to the New Yorker, and instead focus on where the action (often) happens to be: in hip hop. Here’s a ranking of the key rap-related links to click right now.

1. Action Bronson, “Blue Chips”
This isn’t just the mixtape of the week, it’s the album of week, and we’d maybe venture album of the month, if it weren’t for that Big K.R.I.T. mixtape and the forthcoming Odd Future disc.  (That Shins album, streaming now, sounds pretty great, too.) Sean Fennessey, a guy we follow on Twitter (who knows his hip hop), said today that he is “slowly realizing that Action Bronson is the rapper I’ve been waiting most of my life for.” [Download]

2. Cam’ron, “Fuck You”
And this is the single long-suffering Cam fans always seem to be waiting for: Wicked, unruffled, and hard-hitting. His Tebow reference might even surprise you. [Stream]

3. Chief Keef
Who exactly is this 16-year-old web phenom? David Drake has the story, and it’s a good one. (Download Keef's mesmerizing new mixtape here.) [Gawker]

4. El-P, “The Full Retard”
The title has it: This song draws you so far in, you’ll feel like you’re never coming back. [Download]

5. Exile, “Knight Rider” video
“Oh shit, watch out! I think you’re being too weird, man!” [Prefix]

6. Ludacris
The long-planned “Ludaversal” has a release date: September 11 — a Tuesday to look forward to. [Rap Radar]

7. Justin Bieber
Mike Posner, who produced Bieber’s forthcoming single “Boyfriend,” promises something “super hip-hop.” People doubted Justin Timberlake, too. [MTV]

8. N.W.A. biopic
Ice Cube is on it.

9. Mike D
Will curate a show at L.A. MOCA. [Art in America]

10. Flavor Flav
To open House of Flavor, a restaurant. [All Hip Hop]

Bonus: Danny Brown’s “Radio Song”: