30 Artworks to Watch Out For at the 2012 Armory Show

Clifford Owens's "Anthology (Nsenga Knight)," 2011, will be at the On Stellar Rays booth
(Courtesy On Stellar Rays, New York)

New York’s Armory Show is set to return this Thursday, with much fanfare and a few notable changes, making for a long week of top-notch art viewing for lovers of art everywhere (to see a schedule of all of Armory Week’s events, click here). The fair’s organizers have made a notable effort this year to streamline the event and improve the vibe, including such niceties as a restaurant from “farm-to-table specialists” Great Performances and a rethought VIP lounge, which should make the big-spenders happy. (The changes are outlined in Julia Halperin’s conversation with director Noah Horowitz.)

But, of course, the success of the experience will rise or fall based on the quality of the art on offer. ARTINFO has rounded up a few of the notable artworks to look for in the aisles in the coming days. See you there!

To see our selection of 30 artworks to look out for at the 2012 Armory Show, click on the slide show.