Design-gasm: 6 Avant-Garde Sex Toys for Your Viewing Pleasure

Jimmyjane's rechargeable, waterproof Form 3 vibrator

Sex toys. They're big business, and increasingly — in this liberated world of ours — stylish accessories. For instance, did you know that industrial designer Yves Behar, the man behind world-famous green-and-white laptops of the “One Laptop Per Child Campaign," has also turned his crusading genius to creating an entire line of very finely designed pleasure objects called JimmyJane? The guy is all about making the world a better place.

JimmyJane products come in bright pink, classic slate, and a few other assorted colors depending on the product, and their visibly innovative constructs set them apart from your run of the mill sex toy. Take, if you will, Form 3 (pictured above): it’s ergonomically designed to lay flat, flex, and bend against the body; it’s completely waterproof; and bears a stronger pulse than most (watch what it does in a glass of water in the white-gloved demonstration below). It’s not-so-distant cousin, the rabbit-eared Form 2, comes with double prongs. We’ll let you use your imagination turn that one over.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the holiday of lovers (or for some, loneliness), ARTINFO scanned the sex toy field and was delighted by the high level of design and innovation we found. Highlights include Kiki de Montparnasse’s sexy $7,000 vibrating, gold-plated chess set, the naughty toy so sleek you’ll want to keep it on display in the study; the puzzling, hands-free cone; the wireless, iPod-syncing Better Than Chocolate toy that pulses to your favorite song (which could either be really fun or really disastrous in a club); and the solid gold Yva, for the user with very, very expensive tastes. Enjoy!

To see the best-designed vibrators we could find, click the slide show. For a white-gloved demonstration of Yves Behar’s Form 3 vibrator, see the video below.