Remain In Light: Artist Alyson Shotz on Her Illuminating Show at Tokyo's Espace Louis Vuitton

Alyson Shotz's "Geometry of Light," 2011, cut plastic fresnel lens sheets, slivered glass beads, stainless steel wire
(Courtesy the artist and Espace Louis Vuitton, Tokyo)

For its second commissioned art show in Tokyo, luxury giant Louis Vuitton invited Brooklyn-based artist Alyson Shotz to conceive a work for display at the firm’s swank flagship. The airy glass cube that sits atop the Omotesando store, designed in 2002 by Jun Aoki and dubbed the Espace Vuitton, is an ideal venue for Shotz’s sculptures, whose shiny surfaces are activated by changes in light and atmosphere.

As her exhibition “Geometry of Light” winds down its run on December 25, Shotz recently joined Nat Trotman, associate curator at the Guggenheim in New York, for an artist talk with a handpicked group of Japanese art-world denizens — including collector Yoshiko Morita, the widow of Sony founder Akio Morita, and media artist Mikami Seiko — and Vuitton patrons.

Encompassing ideas of transience and change, matter and antimatter, and transparency and opaqueness, Shotz’s work shares a subtle affinity with Eastern philosophy and Japanese culture. “For me,” she says, “an ideal artwork is one that you can never know.”

Click the accompanying slide show to see Shotz's new work, accompanied by her commentary on the piece.