The Most Affordable (and Edible) Alexander McQueen Footwear Ever

The Most Affordable (and Edible) Alexander McQueen Footwear Ever
Gaga's Workshop and Barney's New York present the Chocolate Gaga Shoe
(Courtesy Barney's New York)

NEW YORK — Upon entering the psychedelically-painted hallway that leads to Gaga's Workshop, Lady Gaga's eccentric Barneys holiday pop-up shop, shoppers will notice the wafting sweet, seductive smell of sugar. It's partly due to the candy-covered chocolate lips and the Gaga-shaped Christmas cookies, but our focus is on the delightful Chocolate Gaga Shoe.

The solid blocks of dark Belgian chocolate, sprinkled with crystal-like sugar, are edible replicas of Alexander McQueen's Armadillo shoe, which first perplexed runway audiences in 2009. They gained mainstream recognition after Gaga donned them while delicately sauntering around in her 2009 music video "Bad Romance" before becoming a prominent attraction at McQueen's blockbuster Met exhibition "Savage Beauty." They've been forever solidified as an instantly recognizable symbol of the late designer's career, and at $58, the chocolate version is, deliciously, the closest most of us will get to the real thing.