Olaf Breuning Somehow Channels His Bizarro Portraits Into a Line of Bally Handbags

Inspiration image by Olaf Breuning for Bally's "Love – iconic editions ♯2," 2011
(Courtesy Bally Switzerland)

Olaf Breuning is bringing the lighthearted tone of his video art, sculptures, and photographs to fashion. Swiss luxury goods maker Bally commissioned the Swiss New York-based multimedia artist to be the mastermind behind the BallyLove #2 capsule collection.

Breuning took inspiration from his the playful aesthetic of his own work and Bally colors for the line. The artwork on vintage Bally posters reminded the artists of his 2010 project, “Marilyns” — where he juxtaposed black against bold colors, entirely covering models' bodies in black with the exception of their hair and faces, which he injected with a rainbow of ultra bright hues, photographing them against black backgrounds. From there, Breuning created an inspiration at Art Basel in June (pictured above), using the same concept, only this time covering five models' bodies and faces in white paint, with the exception of gloves, shoes, wigs, and handbags made from masking tape, which he covered in an array of vivid shades of purple, yellow, green, blue, and magenta.

The resulting accessories line takes the vibrant shades, injecting blocks of color into wallets, handbags, ballerina flats, men’s sneakers, tablet cases, scarves, and other items. The signature trademark of the Olaf Breuning BallyLove #2 collaboration is an embossed face, which adds a humorous touch to the luxury leather goods. Bally premiered the BallyLove #2 line at the Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 Art Collectors Lounge, but the collection won’t be available until April 2012.

BallyLove #2 is a far cry from the more muted tones of 2010’s BallyLove #1, which was designed by another Swiss artist, Philippe Decrauzat. For his Bally collaboration, Decrauzat used the black-and-white color palette synonymous with his graphic-based optical art.

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