Double Feature: Moving Image, New York's Video-Only Art Fair, Joins Forces With the Armory Show

Double Feature: Moving Image, New York's Video-Only Art Fair, Joins Forces With the Armory Show
The Armory Show at Pier 94, NYC
(Courtesy The Armory Show)

In a city where new art fairs are popping up faster than Duane Reades, it's about time some of them started banding together. The Armory Show and the new video-only fair Moving Image have announced a collaboration for the 2012 edition of the Armory, which runs March 8 through 11.

Moving Image — which debuted during last year's Armory week and recently launched a London branch during Frieze — will curate the inaugural edition of "Armory Film," a series of contemporary video and experimental films, at the Armory's media lounge on Pier 94. The founders of Moving Image, art dealers Ed Winkleman and Murat Orozobekov, will select films from galleries participating in the Armory Show and Volta with help from Moving Image's advisory committee, which includes the FLAG Art Foundation's Stephanie Roach and the Reina Sofia's Berta Sichel. The selections — which will add up to about four hours of film, according to Winkleman — will be screened in the lounge on a loop throughout the fair. (The media lounge, new to the Armory this year, will serve as a hub for video, performances, and panel discussions.)

Winkleman said he hopes to select strong films that don't necessarily lend themselves to Moving Image, which screens video on small monitors throughout Chelsea's cavernous Tunnel event space at 216 11th Avenue. "It's perfect for us to take advantage of a cinema-esque setting, since the Tunnel can be a bit tricky," he explained. He hopes to screen longer, feature-type films, as well as experimental films that do better on the big screen. No participants have been announced yet, but Winkleman and his team are beginning to look for recruits. "I expect I'll be watching a lot of films in the next few weeks," he said. Most of the works on view will be for sale, but Winkleman noted that he will select pieces "with an eye towards the program as a whole," meaning that he will encourage a gallery to showcase a piece that's already sold if it happens to be the perfect fit.

Meanwhile, Moving Image will return to New York's Tunnel for its sophomore edition from March 8 to 11.