Architect Richard Meier's Shenzhen "Clubhouse" Merges an Art Gallery With a Fitness Center

The celebrated minimalist strikes again — the Richard Meier-designed Shenzhen Clubhouse in China’s OCT bay features his signature white columns, open spaces, and bare walls.

Serving as a welcome respite to the bustling metropolis that is Shenzhen, the clubhouse  sits on an island that visitors reach by crossing a pedestrian bridge. The 36,000-square-foot complex of overlapping angular trapezoids features a restaurant, fitness center, pool, gallery space, and open-air atrium, all the trappings of a spectacularly relaxing, zen-inducing getaway. They’re all framed by white metal panels, skylights, glass curtains, and vertical screens that offer views of the exterior gardens and city across the water, as well as plenty of natural lighting to the inside. 

Click on the photo gallery above to see renderings of Richard Meier's Shenzhen Clubhouse.