Steven Klein Presents "Time Capsule" Installation

ARTINFO attended the premiere of "Time Capsule,"a film installation by fashion photographer Steven Klein. It depicts stages of an aging woman's life until she reaches 120, played by Amber Valletta, complete with love, drama,intrigue, and plenty of facial prostheses. The black-and-white moving images, whichappeared in color as an editorial spread in W's Fashion Issue last month, wereprojected onto ten enormous screens in NewYork's massive Park Avenue Armory last night to a soundtrack consisting of an eerie,howling wind not unlike what you might hear on an English moor. A-list guests circulated around the space in the dark, sipping cocktails and tasting various savory macaron canapés(the olive tapenade we enjoyed; the trout, not so much) while taking in thepiece.



Daphne Guinness, fashion icon and heiress to brewery fortune, arrived partway through the event and was surrounded by spectators, who formed a 6-foot-radius circle around her. She made her way into the crowd to mingle, stepping confidently in her towering heelless,glittery platforms. She spoke to ARTINFO about the progress of her upcomingFIT exhibition, which opens this Friday and features pieces from her personal wardrobe.



"It's difficult to be objective because I'm so right in themiddle of doing it," she said. "I'm so much a part of the process that Idon'tknow [how it's going]." Was it stressing her out? "Of course. It's also kind of lettingyourself wide open." Was it difficult to get away to parties with so much workto do? "I'm just trying to steer a narrow path, to have enough space to haveideas," she said. "I like working, I'm just not very good at socializing." And how does one curate the contents of one's own closet? "It’s intuition."

W magazine editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi, the man throwingthe party, was there to greet her, as were Klein and Valletta, whowas dressed in black alligator skin hemmed with what looked like Mongoliansheepskin. Other exhibition goers included Purple magazine editor Olivier Zahm, wearing his signature aviators despite the lack of light. Vera Wangarrived and departed early, taking a quick tour of the room before leaving, nodoubt to prepare for her fashion show this morning. Johnny Weir lookedfashionably schoolboyish in his leather shorts and printed blazer, whileLeigh Lezark flapped the lapels of her jacket for photographers.

We spotted Garage magazine creative director Shala Monroqueobserving the film at a solitary distance and asked how the magazine's debut was going, along with its campaign involving Van Leeuwen ice cream trucks. "The copies are selling really quickly," Monroque toldARTINFO, "but apparently the ice cream is getting a bigger response."