The Search for England's Floating Art Island, Richard Neutra's Kronish House Gets Stay of Execution, and More Must-Read Art News

The Search for England's Floating Art Island, Richard Neutra's Kronish House Gets Stay of Execution, and More Must-Read Art News
The original "Is Land" sculpture is now floating in space, location unknown.
(Courtesy of Secret Garden Party)

Have You Seen This Floating Island?: A 21-foot-wide sculpture of a foliage-covered desert island that was filled with helium and tethered aloft over Cambridgeshire's Secret Garden Party festivalflew off into the English sky after a pair of unidentified pranksters in a dinghy cut the ropes securing it to the ground. Now the artists behind the £9,000 "Is Land" sculpture, Sarah Cockings and Laurence Symonds, are asking that people report sightings of the runaway piece — which may be soaring over the Czech Republic by now — via their Web site(a Facebook page has been set up as well). The artists are also raisingmoney online to build a new version of the sculpture that they can taketo Burning Man. [Telegraph]


Neutra House Saved… for Now: After word that Richard Neutra's iconic Kronish House in Beverly Hills would be demolished caused an uproar, spurring the intervention of the architect's son,the owners of the house have decided to give preservationists a deadlineof October 10 to figure out how to rescue the foreclosed structure. [LAT]


Delta's Deal With the Whitney: Yesterday Delta Air Lines Inc. announced that it is now the "official airline of the Whitney Museum,"a sponsorship deal with undisclosed financial terms that means that members of the Delta SkyMiles program will get free admission, with Diamond Medallion holders able to go with a guest any time they please and Platinum, Gold, and Silver members given free entree with a guest onthe first Friday of every month. [Biz Journals]

Kalup Linzy Splits With Franco: A profile of the art world's favorite soap-opera-inspired drag performance artist charts his ascent to the ranks of celebrityhood, and creative partnership with James Franco. Apparently, however, the pair is no longer working together: "James is no longer involved with this," a spokesman for the actor tells the paper of the EP music collaboration they were working on. As for Linzy, he says he has other songs that he worked on together with Franco, but he is reluctant to release them without Franco's blessing. And he adds, "James texted me saying, 'Oh, we're still friends, right?'" [NYT]

"These Guys Were Imbeciles": Canadians in the town of Estérel have a pretty low opinion of three art thieves who went to steal Jean-Paul Riopelle's sculpture "La Défaite" from its place outside the late artist's home, got spotted, and then fled, only to dump the 1,000-pound artwork, broken, in the woods a few miles away. The dumb crooks, who are still at large, apparently hoped to sell the sculpture as scrap metal, for a few hundred bucks. [Globe & Mail]

Waiter! There's a Giant Woman in My Lake: The citizens of Hamburg are up in arms over a gigantic sculpture of a blonde woman taking a bath that has been installed in the city's Alster Lake by Oliver Voss, the director of the Miami Ad School. Hamburg mayor Markus Schreiber complains that the piece, scheduled to be on view for ten days, is "sullying the beloved lake." [Daily Mail]

Luxury Goods Spending Is Back in a Big Way: According to the New York Times, top-end retailers have not just recovered from the recession — "they are zooming," with wealthy customers increasingly showing themselves willing to pay high and higher prices for fancy things. This, of course, bodes well for art dealers, too. [NYT]