Banksy Airs Paean to Pranksters on British TV, Rembrandt Drawing Stolen From L.A. Ritz-Carleton, and More Must-Read Art News

Banksy Airs Paean to Pranksters on British TV, Rembrandt Drawing Stolen From L.A. Ritz-Carleton, and More Must-Read Art News
Banksy's favorite pranks are compiled in his latest venture, "The Antics Roadshow"
(Photo courtesy of Patrick van IJzendoorn via Flickr)

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Rembrandt Stolen from Hotel: A Rembrandt drawing worth $250,000 was stolen from a private art exhibition at the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey over the weekend. It belongs to the Linearis Institute, an arts organization specializing in works on paper, which occasionally displays its collection in upscale hotels. The heist occurred when a curator was distracted by another person. Officials believe the thief was working with accomplices, and that it was a "well-thought-out and well-planned theft." [LAT]


Exorcist Called to Cleanse Dildo Jesus Art Show: An exorcist was called in to perform a rite outside the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where a controversial show of Jesus dildo art that has inflamed the country's right was shut down recently. Father Zurrudo led a procession of nuns, seminarians, and others in the ceremony. "This is an act of love for God to make up for the lack of love," he said. [Catholic Culture]

Hague Pays Goudstikker Heirs $1.43 Million: The Hague city government paid $1.43 to the heir of legendary Jewish art dealer Jacques Goudstikker, whose gallery was looted by leading Nazi party member Hermann Goering. The settlement is over a Jan Steen painting currently hanging in the Bredius Museum,which had been separated into fragments and was reunited by restorersin 1996. According to the heir's lawyer, "both parties had agreed thatthey did not want to see the painting divided again." [Bloomberg

Wow, So Fancy: Art-world jet setters are flocking to the island of Hydra (pronounced "hee-dra") in Greece these days to mingle amidst the contemporary art spaces that megarich collector Dakis Joannou has been setting up. It looks and sounds lovely, but some less-than-compelling advocacy for the place comes from artist Nate Lowman, who enthused that "to be able to see art exhibited on an island, a place where you can't even put toilet paper in the toilet because it clogs, really changed my world." [NYT]

Someone Doesn't Like Pop-Ups: In a curmudgeonly screed in the New York Times, Neil Genzlinger rails against the recent proliferation of pop-up galleries, stores, and even gay-marriage chapels around the city, calling them a "virus." "We need to put a stop to the pop-up infestation now," he writes. Huh? [NYT]

"That Must Be Hard to Get Off": New York Magazine has compiled a map of reactions overheard at the recently closed Met blockbuster "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty." ARTINFO's favorite? "If you take away the orange, this is fabulous." [NYMag]

Chinese Filmmakers Grapple with Government: Zhao Liang is one of many Chinese filmmakers to establish his reputation through harsh critiques of the government. More recently, however, Zhao and other activist artists have "been showered with largess after agreeing to work within the system they once disdained." While some see these artistic compromises as pragmatic, others staunchly oppose the trend. Ai Weiwei, a former supporter of Zhao, has publicly rebuked the director for acquiescing to the government's demands. [NYT]

– Finding Art on Google Street View: Wired surveys a new breed of fine art photographers, including Jon Rafman, Doug Rickard, and Aram Bartholl, who mine Google Street View for interesting material. But GSV inspiration isn't limited to photographers. When the Googlemobile arrived in Pittsburgh, a duo of artists staged a series of performances — from a parade to a 17th-century-style sword fight — that would later be incorporated into the map itself. [Wired]

Sotheby's Exec William Moffet Weds: The VP of Impressionist, modern and contemporary art at Sotheby's married Lucinda Jackson Herrick, a commissioner of the Fishers Island Ferry District. This is his third marriage. [NYT

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Check out this clip of Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy-14779">Banksy's "Antics Roadshow":