Greenberg Gallery Expands in a Down Market, Signing Noted Photographer Edward Burtynsky

Greenberg Gallery Expands in a Down Market, Signing Noted Photographer Edward Burtynsky
The Howard Greenberg gallery will show Edward Burtynsky's work in October. Pictured above is Burtynsky's "Manufacturing #17" (2005).
(Courtesy the artist and the Office of Edward Burtynsky)

Credit availability worldwide may be shrinking, but Howard Greenberg Gallery is expanding. After decades of representing some of the biggest names in 20th-century photography Alfred Stieglitz and Bruce Davidson among them — Greenberg recently announced that he will take on the 21st century, starting by signing Edward Burtynsky. A show of work by the celebratedphotographer is now planned for late October.

"We are putting our feet into the 21st century," Greenberg said in an interview. "But I was walking around with the concern, how will we store his pictures?" In order to accommodate the large-scale works that Burtynsky creates, Greenberg will also be adding more space to his gallery on 57th Street in Manhattan.

Back when Greenberg was still contemplating adding Burtynsky to his roster of artists — he now
jointly represents the photographer with Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York — the gallery space adjacent to his became free. It was serendipitous. In anticipation of bringing in more giant-sized contemporary works like the ones produced by Burtynsky, Greenberg renewed his existing lease and acquired the next-door property, which will add 2,500 square feet of storage and private viewing space.

However, Greenberg says he will take his time when it comes to growing out his business further. "The potential to take on one or two contemporary photographers exists where it didn't before," he said. "But I am in no rush. We have a great stable now and plenty to do."


In the video embedded below, see Edward Burtynsky speak on his "Oil" series of photographs.