Would You Pay $18,000 for These Art Flip-Flops?

Would You Pay $18,000 for These Art Flip-Flops?
Chipkos has made the world's most expensive flip-flops, hand painted by artist David Palmer
(Courtesy of Chipkos)

If you've ever hesitated about spending $18,000 on a pair offlip-flops, Chipkos may just be able to give you a compelling reason. TheL.A.-based footwear company just released a collaboration with artist DavidPalmer to create the world's most expensive pair: a limited edition,hand-painted collector's line that comes with the extra perk of 100,000 squarefeet of Costa Rican rainforest.


With eachpair of flip-flops, which boasts swirling patterns reminiscent ofPalmer's paintings, and a square shape inspired by Indian footwear, Chipkos pledges to adopt and protect a portion of therainforest. In addition, they'll introduce you to Palmer himself and put you up in theLEED-certified Montage Hotel in BeverlyHills. If that's not enough, they've thrown in aone-of-a-kind piece of Palmer's artwork and a display case made of reclaimedwood and glass — since, they're assuming, you won't be traipsing around inthese at the beach.