May 2011 Table of Contents

May 2011 Table of Contents
Untitled Document
An in-country dispatch on the besieged art scene
by Benjamin Genocchio
Mariko Mori's new project on Japan's Miyako island
By Scott Indrisek
The video artist talks about time, sound, and light
by David Ulrichs
40 Matthew Metzger
A realist painter gets abstract
By Rachel Wolff
Chased by a red cloud all the way to Venice
By Andrew M. Goldstein
15 Newsmaker
Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
17 Private View
Heather Cook- Art of Bleach
18 Meme
LA abstraction
19 Private View
Spartacus Chetwynd
20 A/V Lab
Matthew Ronay on what sculpture should be
21 Audio-File
Gang Gang Dance
28 Art & Life
Why aren't Americans as upset as the Brits at arts funding cuts?
By Tyler Green
32 Biopic
Ashley Bickerton, the story behind an artwork, in the artist's own words
36 Studio Check
Nate Lowman in his New York studio
West Coast artists come to New York
by Sarah Douglas
66 Culture+Travel
When in... Venice
69 Reviews
New York: Hope Gangloff
New York: Angel Otero
Santa Barbara, CA: Charles Garabedian
Chicago: Jim Nutt
Antwerp: Lawrence Weiner/Liam Gillick
London: Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc
London: Louise Bourgeois/Tracey Emin
80 How It Is
Art Theory vs. Market Theory