Chugging for Art's Sake: The Drunken Insanity of Scope's Frat-in-a-Box Performance, By the Numbers

As you may have gathered from our breaking news item yesterday, ARTINFO stopped by Richie Budd and Will Robison's "Come on Guy" installation at the Scope Art Show — or, as we have affectionately come to know it here in the office, "Frat-in-a-Box". For the performance, the artists invited four New Jersey Greeks, and we're not talking the nationality, into a glassed-in cube to drink beer for hours on end and generally offend any passerby over the age of 40. (Yes, there is a pee bucket in the corner, if you're wondering.)

Although the powers that be behind "Frat-in-a-Box" weren't willing to let this reporter dispatch from inside the cube, we were still able to gather enough tidbits to make you feel as if you, too, were getting drunk in a box at Scope. Here is "Come on Guy" by the numbers:

30: Cases of beer donated to the project by Natural Light, a co-sponsor of the performance

20: Push-ups a pledge was forced to do in a half-hour period

4: Times this reporter witnessed someone utilizing the pee bucket

3: Times participants have vomited (as of this filing)

2+: Security guards needed to escort the blitzed frat boys from the installation at the end of the day

2: Hours before the participants needed to start requesting more beer yesterday

2: Beer funnels that materialized outside the installation, presumably brought from home by Scope exhibitors or staff. (Brandon Hoy, co-owner of Roberta's pizzeria in Williamsburg, was the most enthusiastic funnel-toter.)

1: Frat box fugitives (one participant, feeling — perhaps rightly — like a caged animal, broke out of the box yesterday and ran outside to vomit; he was not asked back)

While there is something slightly odd about art people gathering to make fun of the kids who made fun of them in high school, most of the participants (save the fugitive) seem to be loving the attention. And perhaps they're even learning something about art in the process. "Hey bossman," one said to Budd yesterday. "I'm gonna bring tennis balls and florescent paint on the last day, and we'll throw them all over the walls. Some stupid idiot will buy it and you can have the money."

"Hey wait!" he added, enthusiastically taking the top off a sharpie marker and approaching the poor, captive pledge in the box. "Watch this art."