Spots and Skulls Behind Him, Damien Hirst Tackles Deck Chairs

Jonathon Jones decreed last week that the days of the YBAs are numbered, but in his condemnation of a generation of soulless, blue-chip sell-outs he may have forgotten one thing — lawn furniture. Damien Hirst, whom Jones deemed the “great white shark” that “has turned out to be such a little fish” (or perhaps, more aptly, a fish that has turned out to be very dead, preserved only by formaldehyde) will not back down in the face of the Guardians critique.

Quite the contrary, Hirst will sell $425 deck chairs at the New York and London Other Criteria Editions stores. (If you buy two, there’s a discount.) Take that, Jonathon Jones!The folding chairs — which come in lime-green, yellow, sky-blue, red, orange, and black — have a merpauh frame, a smattering of butterflies across their cloth front, and, of course, a stainless-steel plaque inscribed with Hirst’s signature.

If the deck chairs don’t abate your hunger for YBA tchotchkes, the limited-edition, artist-approved multiples boutique has plenty more Hirsts available to purchase. Why not spring for the spot clock (small: $442, large: $712.50), or the cashmere blanket ($1,462.50), or the charm bracelet ($26,625 in gold or $16,125 in silver). Or, for Father’s Day, what says "I love you, Dad" like a pair of silver pill cufflinks ($975)?