Spencer Tunick to Lady Gaga: Undress for Me

Spencer Tunick to Lady Gaga: Undress for Me
The naked, huddling masses that appear in photographer Spencer Tunicks images tend to vanish into a flowing sea of incognito flesh. But at an upcoming shoot on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, one disrobed participant may stand out from the crowd: Lady Gaga.

Tunick invited the famed “Poker Face” singer to bare all in the shoot after hearing that Lady Gaga called him an inspiration earlier this month, telling an interviewer that she wrote an 80-page thesis on his work before becoming an internationally recognized pop star.

“I was thinking she could slip in there anonymously and no one would know she was there,” Tunick told the Herald Sun and swore himself to secretly. “I'd be glad to not tell a soul.” It begs the question: without the signer’s outlandish outfits, would anyone recognize her?

The planned photo shoot is part of Sydney’s Mardi Gras festival celebration, and Tunick’s proposal seems to have won the approval of organizers of the event. “Lady GaGa is a powerhouse figure in the world of performance art and a strong supporter of gay and lesbian community worldwide,” Michael Rolik, the festival’s CEO, said.

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