The Appendix: Artists Tackle the Nativity

The Appendix: Artists Tackle the Nativity
"The Appendix" is ARTINFO's daily round-up of other reading material from around the world.

- The Art of the Nativity: Artists like Mark Wallinger, Julian Opie, and Martin Parr have tackled the iconic scene. [Guardian]

- The World's Largest Drawing?: Jim Denevan has produced a drawing with a nine-mile circumference. [Telegraph]

- New York's (Shaky) Bid for L.A.'s Culture Crown: Christopher Knight questions Jerry Saltz's Puppy pick. [LAT]

- Disney Rents a Museum: And Judith H. Dobrzynski criticizes how journalists have covered the move. [Real Clear Arts]

- Modern Art Books: Tyler Green invites artists to select their favorite books. [MAN]

- Not Dead Yet: Many museum expansions are progressing smoothly. [CultureGrrl]

- Bone Hunting: Scientists are searching for Caravaggio's remains. [Telegraph]

- Are You Normal?: Find out. [Niet Normal]