Antony Gormley Plans a Sculpture Hunt in Manhattan

Antony Gormley Plans a Sculpture Hunt in Manhattan
New Yorkers spotting naked men around town early next year needn’t worry. Chances are they’re probably just art. British artist Antony Gormley has announced plans to install 31 sculptures of himself (sans clothes) in and around Madison Square Park in Manhattan’s Flatiron District beginning on March 26.

The project, ominously titled Event Horizon, which was first shown in London in 2007, is being organized by Mad. Sq. Art, a subsidiary of the Madison Square Park Conservatory that has welcomed work by the likes of Roxy Paine and Jessica Stockholder into the park in recent years. This is, however, the first time that a planned exhibition has expanded beyond the park’s confines. Gormley hopes to place some sculptures on top of local buildings, which tower as high as 55 stories.

Mad. Sq. Art founder Danny Meyer — who also runs the acclaimed Eleven Madison Park restaurant across the street from the park and the indisputably delicious Shake Shack hamburger stand within it — declared in a written statement, “The art encourages one to experience trees, architecture, people, light, and even sound in very fresh ways.”

The exhibition marks Gormley’s public art debut in the United States, though he has garnered a hefty bit of publicity for his public art projects in the United Kingdom, especially his project at Trafalgar Square’s plinth this year, which allowed members of the public to use the structure as a stage for a performance of their choosing for a period of one hour.He first debuted Event Horizon in London in 2007 as part of an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.

New Yorkers spotting naked men in the park in late Aug. 2010 are advised to call the police; the exhibition will close on Aug. 15.