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Studio MUTT Designs “Out of Character” for London Design Festival 2018

Studio MUTT Designs “Out of Character” for London Design Festival 2018
Four Characters will be Realised as Installations During the London Design Festival
(Courtesy: London Design Festival)

London-based Studio Mutt has designed four architectural characters that inhabit the Sir John Soane's Museum as part of London Design Festival 2018.

“Out of Character” features four mixed-media installations designed to represent fictional characters — a lawyer, an architect, a monk, and a magician. The characters have been designed to depict a possible inhabitant of the museum before John Soane moved in.

Studio MUTT has designed the characters based on a text from 1812 by John Soane. “Crude Hints towards an History of my House,” a strange and perplexing text in which he imagined his home as a ruin centuries in the future, inspected by visitors who speculate on its origins and function.

“The four characters are installed as ‘inhabitants’ in different locations in the Museum. Soane’s original manuscript of the Crude Hints text is being displayed in the Foyle Space, alongside a series of large banners, each illustrating the peculiar and fantastical narratives behind the characters,” the studio says. The characters have been designed taking cue from the brightly colored, rich in decoration, and drawing from the wealth of source material in the Museum and Soane’s work.

MUTT is an architecture studio founded by Graham Burn, James Crawford, and Alexander Turner, with roots in London and Liverpool. The underlying mission of the studio is to create characterful projects which are unique, specific, and joyful. They work at all scales, from a teacup to a tower, to make everyday life better.

MUTT believes in engaging with the world as it exists and rejecting the concept of radical newness, instead adopting referencing and sampling as a solution to contemporary issues. They draw inspiration and ideas from urban, historical, and social analysis to create a backdrop, not a background, to everyday life.                              

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