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Europe During the Rain – Pietro Geranzani at Area35 Art Gallery, Milan

“Europe during the rain IV, I make the rain,” 2018, by Pietro Geranzani (1964, London), Oil on canvas, 180x180 cm, Area35 Art Gallery
(Courtesy: Artist & Area35 Art Gallery )

An exhibition made up of existing and new works by Pietro Geranzani tackles European tensions this spring. Area35 Art Gallery is hosting the exhibition, which is titled “L’Europa durante la pioggia” (Europe during the rain). The exhibition will be on view in Milan until April 28, 2018.

The exhibition features a selection of historical, unpublished and brand new paintings, especially made for the occasion. The works take inspiration from the title of the work by Max Ernst "Europe after the rain II" (1942), which expresses a situation of annihilation and fear imagined in the hypothetical enduring of the second conflict world depicting a desolate wasteland covered with ruins, a science-fiction landscape where metamorphic figures blend with naturalistic elements. In the work “Europe during rain” Geranzani does not reference from the scenario described by Ernst but evokes the place, Europe, and the rain element, its adverse effect on humanity as well as events related to international conflict which is currently falling on the country. Representative of this scenario is the work “Europe during the rain. I make the rain,” depicting a hooded man looking from a small hole wearing an explosive vest and is about to press the buttons of his explosive vest. The rain falls on his body, unexpectedly surrounded by a Renaissance nature that recalls the landscapes of Giorgione, a painting therefore strongly linked to tradition, which contrasts with the actuality of the narrated event.

The artist uses a direct way to express himself making use of raw images, emblematic of a widespread fear, and through the symbols of terrorism, characterized by a fierce and irrational violence as observed in the characters painted on the canvases in which the characters are caught in the intent of being exploded or show the devices that they wear under their clothes. The artist reveals the threat, the danger and the nightmare experienced, in Europe and worldwide without exorcizing the profound evil that spreads among people. A woman with her hands on her head and blanket on her face shows her mortal equipment with an almost serene gesture, in “Europe during the rain III,” and “Europe during the rain II.” “Butterfly one” depicts a man whose face is not seen open his shirt, as if they were butterfly wings, revealing his body loaded with explosives. The image is full of tension and anguish symbolically connoting cultural humus of European memory, which links the insect to the meaning of transformation and rebirth. The butterfly has taken the value from the Greek myth of Psyche, also the symbol of the soul, eternal well-being and, during medieval times, of angelic figures.

The exhibition is on view through April 28, 2018 at Area35 Art Gallery, via Vigevano 35, internal courtyard – 20123, Milan, Italy.

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