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Independent Art: Andrea Geyer at Hales Gallery, New York

View of Video Installation ‘Truly Spun Never’ by Andrea Geyer at Hales Gallery, New York
(Courtesy of Andrea Geyer & Hales Gallery, New York)

Can art ever really exist independently of politics and life? This is one of the many questions asked by mixed media artist Andrea Geyer in her latest exhibition. “Truly Spun Never” is the title of Geyer’s latest solo show, which is being presented at the Hales Gallery in New York. This thoughtful exhibition closes on April 21, 2018.

 Andrea Geyer is a versatile artist moving freely in the worlds of photography, painting, sculpture, video and performance. Through all these media, she explores the role of art in different social and political situations and in the context of cultural institutions and historical events. Through her creations, she always delves into the questions of political and urban environments, cultural aspects, role of women and their contribution to modern society as well as the question of citizenship. She has worked to establish the rights of marginalized ideas and people and to create a space for them into history. Throughout her work, the central theme is, “art should be a site to offer the possibility of re-orientation(s) towards a current moment.”

In the present installation, Geyer explored the political history of “Ausdruckstanz” (expressive dance), which was prevalent in Germany between 1910 and 1940. It was characterized by celebration of supple movements of the body, raw emotions, and sensuality. This form of “German dance,” was not considered degenerate like other modern art forms such as poetry, theatre, painting, or sculpture. The free movement of the body created an illusion of physical liberation among the dancers like Rudolph Laban and Mary Wigmann, and covered up the oppressive cultural politics of the Third Reich under the leadership of Goebbel’s ministry of propaganda to the dancers who chose to remain in Germany. They had to remove all “non-Aryan” dancers from their schools and companies, and yet lived in an imaginary world of belief that dance existed as a “pure” art form outside the reach of politics. Geyer’s work has challenged the idea that art exists outside of life and/or politics.

Andrea Geyer’s work has been showcased in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in California; Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin; The Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art; Tate Modern and Serpentine Gallery, London; Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Switzerland among others.

“Truly Spun Never” is on view through April 21, 2018 at Hales Gallery New York, 64 Delancey Street, NY 10002, USA.

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Click on the slide show to have a sneak peek of the artist’s work.

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