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Kathleen Jacobs’ ‘DREMS’ at Fergus McCaffrey, New York

"PITAS," 2016, by Kathleen Jacobs (1958, USA), Oil on linen, 72 x 76 inches, (182.9 x 193 cm)
(Courtesy of the artist and Fergus McCaffrey)

Kathleen Jacobs’ 12 canvases that suggest meditative land and seascapes titled “DREMS” is on display at Fergus McCaffrey through April 14, 2018.

The title ‘DREMS’ is a five-letter designation — called a “waypoint.” These five-letter designations are chosen by air traffic control for latitude and longitude serving both memory and communication which reflect Jacobs’ canvas which is a representation of elements of existence.  As an accomplished pilot, Jacobs uses such five-letter codes to navigate the skies near her home and uses these waypoints as titles.

Kathleen Jacobs was born in 1958 in Aspen, Colorado. She studied for six years in Milan while working at Unimark International. After her time there, she immigrated to China, where she studied calligraphy and painting with renowned artist and poet Huang Yong Yu. Her paintings and sculpture have been exhibited widely across the United States and internationally.

While living in China in the 1980s, Jacobs studied under traditional painters and calligraphers, spending years exploring modes of mark-making and hand-written lettering. She learned the process of stone-rubbing, in which a calligraphic text is formed from the marks rubbed from a stone’s surface. Jacobs’ allows her paintings to form themselves with the influence of the force of nature. For instance she selects a tree bark to create lines and marks using the stone rubbing technique and Working with raw linen or canvas, Jacobs wraps and re-wraps the material on multiple tree trunks, exposing the pieces to various gessoes and rubs, and leaves them outdoors for around two years to absorb the changing weather patterns and evolution of the trees. This, as a result, creates a unique surface. She then works on these aged painting and paints and reworks the marks created by herself as well as the environment. The final artwork is intricately textured and abstract thus portraying the interaction of the complex characteristics of the environment.

This exhibition is on view through April 14, 2018, at Fergus McCaffrey 514 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001

For details please visit http://fergusmccaffrey.com/exhibition/kathleen-jacobs/

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.   


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