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Patric Sandri’s ‘Couples & Relationships’ at Galería Combustíon Espontánea, Madrid

“Untitled,” 2018, by Patric Sandri (1979, Switzerland), 3 parts of the composition with stretchers and 3 colors, 90 x 90 cm, Galería Combustíon Espontánea
(Courtesy: Galería Combustíon Espontánea)

Galería Combustíon Espontánea, Madrid, will showcase Patric Sandri’s new pieces of work.

The exhibition titled “Couples and Relationships” lends a human resonance to this body of work, but unlike human couples and relationships, Patric Sandri’s pieces come together through concerted, planned choices. The artist bases his process on a set of mathematical parameters and grids that he then formulates into variants of a particular compositional concept. As the exhibition’s title indicates, Sandri’s works are components that, when seen together, illustrate the conditions of their coexistence. The artist creates visual pairings that relate to each other in terms of what is missing, what Sandri calls “interspaces.” Gaps in surface and color signal the smaller works’ ties to their larger counterparts. In this way, the viewer conducts a visual-mental reconstruction of the separate works as they navigate the gallery space.

Sandri’s gracefully constructed pieces move between the modes of sculpture, painting, and installation. The artist utilizes wood, paint, and cloth as his tools, along with the shifting, external elements of space and light. And so Sandri’s interventions are generated from his hand as well as his surroundings. As rigid as Sandri’s compositional systems may be, his combined material and environmental methodology mean that his investigation of the possibilities of visual and spatial spectra leaves room for the unexpected. In Sandri’s work, the colors red, blue and yellow are a constant. These hues both artificially simulate light and rely on ambient light to fully demonstrate the extent of their intensity. Because the pieces are raised off of the wall, the works cast ephemeral shadows that mimic the various colors’ soft glow. And the fabric stretched over the artist’s pieces is also a crucial tool in Sandri’s play with perception. This semi-transparent cotton material references the traditional painted surface, but it also forms a sort of semi-permeable screen or skin that completely mediates the viewer’s experience with the pieces. This fabric obfuscates and complicates our perception of depth, surface, and space in order to filter light in and out.

The exhibition will be on view from March 25 through May 25, 2018, at Galería Combustíon Espontánea, Amaniel St. 20, Madrid, Spain.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.