Summer 2011 Table of Contents

Summer 2011 Table of Contents
43 The Season Ahead
Plan your fall art itinerary using our guide to each month's global roster of auctions, fairs, galas, and art prizes.
54 The Local Element
Seattle is both home base and inspiration for Shari and John Behnke's art patronage.
by Mehgan Dailey
60 Monuments to Now
Poonam Bhagat tailored her house in Mumbai to her art collection and vice versa.
by Benjamin Genocchio
66 In Touch With Tradition
Corice Arman presides over her late husband's estate plus a deep collection of African Art.
by Kathryn Shattuck
8 Masthead
10 From the Editor
There's nothing so satisfying as a home filled with works of art you love.
12 Art Parties+Openings
New York blossomed with benefits and other fetes this spring.
15 Movers+Shakers
Art HK's new owner
Bryce and Alexa's new galleries
Capellazzo and Govry's new titles
Met's and MoMA's new spaces
LA's Pulse
17 Conversation With…
Ryutaro Takahashi
Ryutaro Takahashi finds purpose in collecting Japan's young artists.
by Benjamin Genocchio
19 The Reporter
Can Haunch of Venison shake the stigma of Christie's ownership with a move downtown?
39 Datebook
The summer's cultural agenda: The people and events on our radar.
Bringing Modernism Home
Minding the Old Masters
The Biggest Western Auction in the World
Hamptons vs. New England
Where Rubber Hits the Green
Elegance with a French Twist
Adjust Your Calendars
Jewels in the Sun
Japanese Comeback
Desert Vistas
Full Circle
33 Most Wanted
Must-have items this month in galleries and design showrooms.
35 Souren Melikian
The Demise of Aesthetics
50 Culture+Travel
When In Santa Fe...
for Art Santa Fe and SOFA West: What to see and where to stay and eat.
71 Artist Dossier
Childe Hassam
A Childe Hassam flag painting now hangs in the Oval Office. But will this translate to a run-up in his market?
By AndrewRusseth
Auction Reviews
74 The modest success of May's Imp/mod sales in New York promised stronger results when better goods are offered
by Judd Tully
76 New York's contemporary auctions realized impressive totals, a few overreaching estimates notwithstanding.
by Judd Tully
78 Despite solid tallies, the American paintings sales raised concerns over the market's prospects.
by Sarah P. Hanson
80 International sales in brief from Chicago, Dubai, London, Milan, Paris, Stuttgart, and elsewhere
82 Databank
Following Their Passion
How high-net-worth individuals invest in their passions.
By Roman Kraeussl
88 Dealer's Notebook
Patrick Lee Painter
Contemporary-art dealer Patrick Lee Painterdiscusses his challenges and thrills.