Museum of Smells Wafts to New York, Arab Museum to Show Nudes, and More Must-Read Art News

Museum of Smells Wafts to New York, Arab Museum to Show Nudes, and More Must-Read Art News

Smells Like Art!: New York's Museum of Art and Design has opened a new Center of Olfactory Art, headed by none other than former New York Times smellocrat Chandler Burr. "Scent is a really interesting part of the world of design," according to MAD director Holly Hotchner, whose new center will feature a special atomizing machine whose buttons will release "the work of art." [AP]  

Peep Exhibition: While the Guggenheim and Louvre satellites planned for Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island are going light on the nudes in deference to the region's prim mores, the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is planning to let it all hang out. "The collection has nudes; the collection has political works. These things are part of the collection — we can't deny it," says chief curator Wassan Al-Khudhairi. [CNN]

Just Waiting for Catholic League Rent-Boy Scandal:In response to Christopher Knight's editorial on the Smithsonian's controversial censorship of a video at the National Portrait Gallery, the Christian group wrote: "It is a sad commentary on gays that they cannot display gay art that is not homoerotic. But then again, if your sole identity isyour sexuality, it makes sense. No matter, don’t ask the public, most of whom are Christians, to fund your pornography." Knight points out that the exhibition in question is, in fact, privately funded, and that many works in it aren't homoerotic unless you're really, really trying.[LAT]

Bruce in Blues: Tonight, photographer Bruce Davidson will present an exhibition of his works titled "Outside/Inside" at the Levi's Photo Workshop. Stop by to toss out some questions during the 20-minute Q&A with the Magnum photographer of Brooklyn gangs, subway shenanigans, and the Civil Rights movement. Or just watch the event on Levi's Facebook page. [Levi's]

London Olympics Art Lineup: Organizers of the festivities surrounding the 2012 Olympics have fleshed out the cultural offerings that will precede the games. Among the art emissaries already announced, Rachel Whiteread will be doing "something," Martin Creed willcreate a sound piece, and Akram Khan will choreograph a dance, for starters. David Hockney is getting so excited he made an artwork on his beloved iPad that reads, "see you in 2012." As the U.K. wallows in its cultural funding cuts, the Olympics' arts program has a budget of £83 million.[Guardian]

Gago Gets a No-Go: T magazine brings up some solid points about this year's edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. ("Where art thou, James Franco?", it asks. We wondered the same.) The most intriguing observation, however, was that Larry Gagosian failed to make it onto an outbound vessel to the overbooked Shamim Momin-curated island. But no worries, we would like to note that Adrian Brody made it safely aboard aboat![T Magazine]

Swim Druggy Laps in a Museum Pool: Los Angeles MOCA's new"Suprasensorial" exhibition, which features Latin American light-and-space art, will offer something much cooler (read: colder and wetter) than the average museum show. Opening this Sunday, one room in the Geffen Contemporary space will host a swimming pool designed by Hélio Oiticica and filmmaker Neville D'Almeida in 1973 (apparently while doinga lot of cocaine). Don't fret if you forgot your suit: disposable bathing costumes will be on offer in the gift shop. [LAT]

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lend an ear to hear body-modification artist Stelarc talk about his work. [Guardian]